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TRB GROUP AFRICA: Things to Learn About Floor and Home Tiles Before Buying

Before buying floor and home tiles, explore essential insights with TRB Group Africa. Make informed choices for your project.


A home, outdoor space, office, or any other place can be turned into a flawlessly attractive and mesmerizing one with the help of tiles. You can even opt for tile options such as stone to get the all-natural feel. To get a polished look, glossy tiles can be picked. Hence, you can give your place an amazing look and feel with the wall as well as floor tiles. However, you should keep one thing in mind – not all tiles look great on every surface. Hence, you are advised to consider some important factors or things before getting one from a leading provider like TRB Group Africa

Below is the checklist of the points that you should know before choosing one to give a refreshing and magical look to your place.

TRB Group Africa Size and Design of the Tiles

Buying and installing floor and wall tiles in your space is an important part of a home’s decoration finish. And when you are revamping your place, you will surely want something that can be adored for a longer period. Therefore, the pattern, size, color, and design of the tiles matter a lot. Among all, size is the biggest factor that you should consider before selecting one. TRB Group Africa Ceramic tiles are best for home.

Please remember that the size can expand as well as restrict the available options. It is said that larger tile options are more premium and superior. Simply put, a perfect and even better one can easily be found in the market. Some great options include granite, ceramic, marble, and more.

Application: Indoor vs. Outdoor

While getting the tiles, you should remember that every tile has different applications. Be it outdoors or indoors, different uses. However, some types of tiles i.e. ceramic tiles can be used indoors as well as outdoors. While ceramic tiles are purchased outdoors, you should remember that they will be directly exposed to several environmental elements. Hence, you must opt for glazed ceramics from TRB Group Africa.

These are the best options that can easily withstand even the harshest climatic conditions without any hassle. Talking about the floor tiles, you should invest in options that are durable and strong. Since these tiles are placed outside, they are generally denser and thicker than the ones installed inside the house.

Type, Lifespan, and Look of the Tiles

All floor and wall tiles are not equally built. Even though they may look the same from the outer layer, they will have some differences for sure. When you check these tiles closely, you will notice that the thickness is different. In addition to this, wall tiles are light in weight as the base of the density is different. It is because of the load handled by the tiles. Floor tiles bear a lot of weight, thus they are heavy and thick.

This difference also affects the price range. You will need to pay more when the tiles have thick bodies and high density. However, the price will remain reasonable if the density and thickness are not as similar as the floor ones.

Surface Finish and Placement of the Tiles

When you explore the tiles world, you will notice that the surface finishes have different options. Some of them are functional, while others are decorative. For instance, to place tiles on the floor in the living and lobby areas, you will need to invest in polished and high-gloss options. Since they provide a luxurious look and feel, you can easily lift the aesthetic appeal of a place.

TRB Group Africa Ceramic and other options come with many features such as matt finish, satin, rustic, rocker, and textured finish. Places such as outdoor patios, bathrooms, parking lots, etc. must have tiles that are rough and strong. Hence, you can explore the options that can meet all these requirements.

Selection of the Grout

Grout is among the two crucial elements associated with the installation of the tiles, particularly the indoor walls and other spots. People typically choose to place tiles so that they can be protected from moisture, water, and other damage.

Grouting means mixtures that are used for proper sealing of the space available between two tiles. Hence, it is mandatory to achieve this objective. To achieve the same, you can use different grout mixes. For example, cementitious sanded grout can be used for the tiles that you can use in your home. However, proper maintenance is expected. The experts of TRB Group Africa also suggest the use of epoxy grouts as they are highly effective for tile surfaces that are constantly exposed to water. It is useful because it can absorb moisture and stains can also be cleaned easily.

Tiles for Special Purposes

Keeping the special needs of different places in mind, manufacturers also offer tiles to meet the same. For example, spots, commercial parking, and swimming pools will have different purposes. Hence, you can go for the step stone tiles, cool roof tiles, and tac tiles. In simple terms, the tiles should be chosen as per the area and its precise needs.

Color Combinations of Tiles

This is yet another aspect that you will need to consider while choosing tiles for your place. By mixing and matching different shades and colors, you can create an alluring look. But you are advised not to mix two or more different patterns and types as they can look a little weird.

To avoid this, you can choose the colors from the same class. For instance, to give a 3D look to the floor and walls by adding light and darker shades of the same color. Simply put, using colors from the same group can increase the beauty of a place where the tiles are installed.

Where to Find The Best Tiles For Walls and Floors?

To get the most wonderful and diversified range, you can trust TRB Group Africa. It is a popular manufacturer in Niger, Togo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Burkina Faso. They have been in this arena for the last many years. Hence, it is highly trusted for buying floor and wall tiles along with sanitary items. The same can be checked online on their official website.

What is next?

Different factors such as surface finish, look, type, color, and size should be considered as per your place while or before buying tiles. In addition to this, grout selection plays a pivotal role in ensuring durability. Lastly, get in touch with TRB Group Africa for modern technology-based solutions and expert guidance.

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