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Utterly Nonsense to Demolish the Twin Towers of Noida

“The Twin Towers’ demolition in Noida is a criminal waste of resources, all due to administrative incompetence and corruption.” Many are questioning the Supreme Court of India’s verdict on the Twin Towers of Noida demolition.

Twin Towers Noida Demolition is a foolish decision

At 2.30 pm on 28 August 2022, Noida’s Twin Towers will be demolished after the Supreme Court of India ruled that the buildings were built against the rules. A large section of society is celebrating this move as teaching a lesson to builders who build illegally. The falling of two massive towers in Sector 93A, however, raises several questions about the Apex court’s verdict.

Many are questioning this move by saying that demolition. A major argument supporting this comes as there is no need to demolish it as it should have been used as a hospital or homeless shelter house. Since crores of Indians sleep on roads and don’t have access to homes, destroying a building worth billions of rupees is an insane idea. Among popular names who question the Supreme Court’s action are former IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh, historian Irfan Habib, and political observer Yashwant Deshmukh.

Surya Pratap Singh asked a valid question on Twitter. “Can’t they be used as a ‘community asset’ instead of demolishing the Twin Towers of Noida, a symbol of corruption?
…such as hospitals, schools, transit hostels for youth, destitute planets etc. What do you think?”

Yashwant Deshmukh also opposed this move on Twitter. “If justice is to be done only by demolishing the building, then bulldozers are also running. In this way, justice is being done there too. The question is whether even a single builder who built the wrong building went to jail. Or did even a single government babu or a leader go to jail for giving permission for the wrong building by consuming money? Justice done??”

According to Irfan Habib, the demolition is a criminal waste of resources, all due to administrative incompetence and corruption. He further writer on Twitter, “They allowed 40 floors to come up which the courts found illegal and ordered demolition. The state could have taken over and used it for public good.”

There are a lot of reactions coming on various social media platforms about the Twin Towers demolition in Noida. Let us know what you think about this.

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