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Vande Sadharan Train Speed, Ticket Price, Route and Facilities

Indian Railway plans to launch Vande Sadharan Train, similar to Slepper Vande Bharat Express. The only difference is that it will be without air conditioning (AC).

Vande Sadharan Train images.
Vande Sadharan images.

The Indian Railways and Current Government have faced criticism after starting many Vande Bharat Express that they are working for only elite passengers because the ticket price of Vande Bharat Express is costly. So, the Indian railway has begun working on Vande Sadharan Express to be easily accessible to many passengers. The fare of Vande Sadharan will be meagre compared to Vande Bharat Express.

What is Vande Sadharan Train?

Vande Sadharan Train is a non-AC version of the sleeper Vande Bharat Express. All the facilities of Vande Sadharan will be similar to Vande Bharat Express except for air conditioning. Indian Railway is manufacturing the Vande Sadharan to cover a long-distance route, and mass travellers can benefit. We have heard about Jan Sadharan Express and Vande Bharat Express trains, but now the Indian railway is going to start Vande Sadharan Train soon.

Vande Sadharan Train Speed

The top speed of Vande Sadharan will be 180 km/h to 200 km/h. The train will have two locomotives at the front and rear end, which will help in the maximum acceleration of the train. After the successful trial Indian railway will increase speed to 250 km/h. The train’s weight will also be significantly less than the current caravan, which is also helpful in running at maximum speed.

Vande Sadharan Train Facilities

Vande Sadharan Train will have modern facilities like Charing point near every seat, bio vacuum toilets, and CCTV cameras in every coach. Every train will have an automatic door system, just like the Metro and Vande Bharat Express trains. Every coach will have a passenger information system which will indicate upcoming stations.

Vande Sadharan Train Route

All Vande Sadharan Train will have 24 LHB coaches, and their route will be long distances of more than 800km. There is no official announcement from Indian Railway. Still, according to the sources, Vande Sadharan will run between Patna to New Delhi, Howrah to New Delhi, Mumbai to New Delhi, and Hyderabad to New Delhi.

Vande Sadharan Train Ticket Price

Vande Sadharan Ticket Price will be based on the distance between the two stations. The average cost of Vande Sadharan Express will be around 30 to 40 paisa per kilometre. The ticket price will be slightly higher than the regular sleeper class train and very low compared to the Vande Bharat Express train.

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