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Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro Route, Timetable and Ticket Price

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro will give a more comfortable, convenient and fast travel experience between Chennai and Tirupati.

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro

Indian Railway is planning to start the Vande Metro Express train on many short-distance routes, and they have finalised a few courses also. Vande Metro train from Chennai to Tirupati will play an essential role in the comfortable journey. The distance between Chennai and Tirupati is 145 km. There are around ten fast trains and one local train on this route.

Currently, the local MEMU Express between Chennai and Tirupati take around 4 hours to complete a distance of 145 km. The highest speed of Chennai Tirupati MEMU Express is 110 km per hour. The new Vande Metro between Chennai and Tirupati will run at 130 km per hour, which will also cut travel between these two cities.

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro Route

The Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro route is essential for pilgrims and daily travellers between Chennai and Tirupati. Thousands of people travel daily from Chennai to Tirupati to visit the famous temple. Tirupati Balaji Temple is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tirupati. Chennai – Tirupati Vande Metro route will cover a distance of 145 km.

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro Stop

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro will stop at Chennai Central, Perambur, Villavakkam, Ambattur, Tiruninravur, Tirruvallur, Kadambattur, Tiruvalangadu, Arakkonam Junction, Tiruttani, Puttur, Renigunta Junction and Tirupati. The number of stoppages will be the same as Local EMU stoppages.

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro Timetable

During the initial days, only one Vande Metro will be on the Chennai Tirupati train route. The first Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro will leave from Chennai at 6 am and will reach Tirupati at 8:50 am. The same train will depart Tirupati at 9 am and reach Chennai at 11:50 am. Again after stopping for 1 hour and 10 minutes, the train will leave Chennai at 1 pm and arrive in Tirupati at 3:50 pm. After taking 10 min halt at Tirupati, the Vande Metro train will leave at 4 pm and reach Chennai at 6:50 pm.

Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro Ticket Price

The ticket price for Chennai Tirupati Vande Metro will be around 200 rupees for one side travelling from Chennai to Tirupati. In the future government may be introduced some monthly passes or tour packages so that travellers can get tickets at cheaper prices.

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