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Check Out Why Vistara 49 Flights Were Cancelled on 1 April 2024

Vistara, co-owned by Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, has cancelled more than 49 flights on 1 April 2024. The airline announced that its teams are actively striving to stabilize the situation.

Vistara 49 Flights Were Cancelled on 1 April 2024

Vistara, the airline that had a lot more flights canceled or delayed lately because they didn’t have enough crew, said sorry to customers on Monday. They know people are upset and they’re doing things to fix it. They’re cutting down on how many flights they do, using bigger planes for some domestic trips, and giving other flight choices or refunds to people who got messed up. A spokesperson said, “Our teams are working hard to make things better. We’re really sorry for the trouble this caused to our important customers.”

Frustrated passengers went online to vent about the lengthy delays. ” #Vistara #UK827 from Bombay to Chennai delayed over 5 hours and still no updates. Absolutely awful,” wrote Vignesh Murali on X.

Another passenger expressed their frustration, stating, “First, you cancel UK850 for ‘operational reasons,’ and now UK840 is delayed by a whopping 4 hours with no updates. Management, please fix this and communicate with us!”

The airline replied, “We’re sorry to hear about your frustration. The delay of Flight UK 840 is due to operational issues, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. While we strive for punctuality, these delays are unexpected. We’ll do our best to speed things up from our side. Thank you for your understanding, and we aim to improve our service for you.”

The airline issued a statement addressing recent flight disruptions, including cancellations and delays due to crew shortages. They acknowledged the inconvenience caused to customers and assured that teams are actively working to minimize it. To manage the situation, they’re temporarily reducing the number of flights and using larger aircraft on some domestic routes to accommodate more passengers. Additionally, affected customers are being offered alternative flights or refunds. The airline apologized for the inconvenience and reassured customers that they’re working to stabilize the situation and return to normal operations soon.

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