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What is the Elvish Yadav Case? Understanding Rave Parties, Snake Venom

YouTuber Elvish Yadav is under investigation for alleged snake venom use at rave parties. Five arrests were made following a sting operation, and Yadav denies all charges.

The Noida Police has initiated an investigation into YouTuber Elvish Yadav’s alleged involvement in using snake venom at rave parties. While the 26-year-old influencer vehemently denies the accusations, a recent arrest of five individuals has brought the case to light. This article delves into the details of the case and the nature of snake venom addiction.

The Elvish Yadav Case Unfolds 

Five people were apprehended by the Noida police for their suspected role in distributing snake venom at rave parties. The arrests came following a sting operation conducted by the NGO “People for Animals” (PFA). Notably, the police also rescued nine snakes, including cobras, from the possession of the detainees.

Is It a Party Drug? 

To establish whether the seized snake venom has psychotropic properties akin to party drugs, the authorities have dispatched it for testing. The use and possession of such substances fall under the purview of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985, but this law has not been invoked in this case, as drugs were not found at the site of the incident, according to an official statement.

Elvish Yadav’s Alleged Involvement 

During the investigation, the arrested individuals claimed that they supplied snake venom at rave parties that were allegedly organized by Elvish Yadav. Gaurav Gupta, a member of PFA, initiated the sting operation and claimed to have contacted Yadav for snake venom. He alleged that Yadav provided him with a phone number that eventually led to the arrests.

Elvish Yadav’s Response 

Elvish Yadav, who recently won the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ reality show, vehemently denies all the charges, dismissing them as unfounded and fabricated. He has expressed his readiness to fully cooperate with the Uttar Pradesh police in the ongoing investigation.

What Is a Rave Party? 

Rave parties are vibrant, all-night EDM gatherings known for their immersive music, lighting, and communal atmosphere. These events are often held in diverse locations, with farmhouses being a popular choice. In India, they have been subject to legal issues related to drug use, noise, safety, and public order violations, leading to government interventions and bans.

Understanding Snake Venom Addiction 

Snake venom addiction, also known as ophidism, is an uncommon and dangerous form of substance abuse in which individuals intentionally expose themselves to snake venom for recreational purposes. This practice is extraordinarily perilous, as snake venom’s composition can vary, leading to unpredictable and potentially lethal effects. Prolonged use can result in physical and psychological dependence, making it a highly life-threatening habit.


The use of snake venom as a recreational drug is not a common occurrence in India and is widely considered extremely hazardous and potentially life-threatening. As the investigation unfolds, the involvement of YouTuber Elvish Yadav in this unusual case will be closely scrutinized, while the legality and safety of rave parties and the risks associated with snake venom addiction continue to be a cause for concern.

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