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Who is Rajan Ji Maharaj? Best Ram Katha Bhajan

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj is a popular spiritual storyteller who has gained immense fame in the last few years. In this article, we will know more about his life.

Rajan Ji's original name is Rajan Tiwari
Rajan Ji’s original name is Rajan Tiwari

Rajan Ji Maharaj has been one of the shining stars in the field of spirituality. He is getting huge attention on YouTube for his excellent narrating skills. His style of teaching Ramcharitmanas is quite appreciable and is lauded by millions every day. It would not be wrong to say him an internet sensation in the spiritual field.

Who is Rajan Ji Maharaj?

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj is a well-known spiritual Guru and a Hindu orator who is a devotee of Shree Sita-Ram Bhagwan. Millions of youth consider him as their role model. His bhajans and kathas are in both languages — Hindi and Bhojpuri. Although there are many such spiritual storytellers in India, he is the one who is highly admired by millions of Indians.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Biography

Rajan Ji Maharaj biography
Rajan Ji Maharaj is a Katha-vachak of Shri Ramchandra Bhagwan

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj was born in a Brahmin family in Kolkata, West Bengal. His family belongs to Siwan, Bihar. Since childhood, he had a special interest in spirituality, which he has made a permanent profession. His real name is Shri Rajan Tiwari. Maharaj Ji’s early education was completed at a government school in Kolkata. He then completed his graduation (BSc in Chemistry) from a college in Kolkata, where his entire family lives in.

Talking about Kolkata, this city has produced many Hindu story-teller (kathavachak), including Jaya Kishori, whose bhajans are also very popular among the masses.

Pujya Rajan Ji Maharaj Ram Katha

Maharaj Rajan Ji is known for his outstanding oratory skills in Shri Ram Katha. Thousands of people attend his Katha and Pravachan events held all across India. In addition, his YouTube channel is subscribed to by more than 11 lakh people, showing the immense popularity he boasts. In between the Sita-Ram Katha, he narrates several spiritual and motivational stories that inspire his followers. The way Rajan Ji delivers Katha directly influences even those who take little interest in Ramcharitmanas.

Rajan Ji Maharaj Bhajan

A resident of Siwan, he is a Hindu preacher
A resident of Siwan, he is a Hindu preacher

Bhajans (religious songs) of Rajan Ji are also listened to and admired a lot by millions of people across India. Some of his bhajans like ‘Baras Rahi Prabhi ki Kripa Apaar’, ‘Pakad lo Baanh Raghurai’, etc. are liked by many. Here is the list of some of the best Rajan Ji Maharaj bhajans:

  1. Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Kahiye (सीता राम कहिए)
  2. Agar naath dekhoge avgun hamaare (अगर नाथ देखोगे अवगुण हमारे)
  3. Aaj mithila nagariya nihaal sakhiyan (आज मिथिला नगरिया निहाल सखियाँ)
  4. Kuch nahi bigdega tera (कुछ नहीं बिगड़ेगा तेरा)
  5. Pakad lo baanh raghurai (पकड़ लो बाँह रघुराई)

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