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Makeup Artist Shura Khan Age, Boyfriend and Husband

Makeup Artist Shura Khan is getting married with Arbaaz Khan. Check out the Makeup Artist Shura Khan age, boyfriend, education and husband name.

Arbaaz Khan new girlfriend makeup artist Shura Khan image.
Arbaaz Khan new girlfriend makeup artist Shura Khan image.

Arbaaz Khan full name is Arbaaz Salim Abdul Rashid Khan is a popular Bollywood actor, director and film producer. Apart from Bollywood, he has worked in Telugu, Urdu and Malayalam cinema. After news about Arbaaz Khan getting married for the second time to makeup artist Shura Khan, she has made her Instagram accounts private. Changing Instagram to private mode means only those people who can check your posts and private things who are already following you.

Who is Makeup Artist Shura Khan?

Shura Khan is a famous Bollywood makeup artist. She has worked with many celebrities as a makeup artist. She has also worked in many movies as a makeup artist. Despite of famous makeup artist, she is quite away from social media and posts very limited things on social media. Shura Khan does not post many things on social media because she wants to keep her life private.

Makeup Artist Shura Khan Age

Shura Khan age is 41 years.
Shura Khan age is 41 years.

Shura Khan was born on 5 July 1982 in Mumbai Maharastra. Shuru Khan is currently 41 years old.

Shura Khan Religion.

After it was reported that actor, director and producer Arbaaz Khan is all set to marry Shura Khan everyone started searching for Shuru Khan religion. Shuru Khan religion is Muslim. Arbaaz Khan first wife Malaika Arora was Hindu.

Where First Time Makeup Artist Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan Meet?

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan first time meet during the film shooting of Patna Shukla. Shura Khan was working as a makeup artist for Raveena Tandon, where Arbaz Khan met for the first time Shura Khan. The film Patna Shukla is produced by Arbaaz Khan.

Makeup Artist Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan Relationship

According to the media reports Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan have met many times in film and Bollywood parties. They get a chance to meet frequently on the set of the film Patna Shukla and after that they become friends. Friendships become love and now they are ready to get married to each other.

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan Age Gap

Arbaaz Khan is currently 56 years old and Shura Khan is 41 years so their age gap is 15 years. The age gap does not matter if you love your partner. Arbaaz Khan said that age is just a number. Even Arbaaz Khan first wife, Malaika Arora and her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor age gap is 12 years. Malaika Arora is 50 years old, while Arjun Kapoor is only 38 years old.

Makeup Artist Shura Khan Boyfriend

Makeup Artist Shura Khan boyfriend name is Arbaaz Khan. They are dating from last one year but officially they have not announced about their relationship.

Shura Khan First Boyfriend

According to the sources, Shura Khan first Boyfriend was a businessman from Delhi but they got breakup in 2021 during the Covid period. After break up with the first boyfriend Shura Khan was looking for good life partner so she start dating the Arbaaz Khan.

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