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Manimahesh Yatra 2023 Date, Registration and Trek Distance

Manimahesh Yatra 2023 will be held on the day of Krishan Janamashtami on 6th September 2023 and ends on Radha Ashtami on 23rd September 2023.

View of Mount Kailash from Manimahesh Lake.
View of Mount Kailash from Manimahesh Lake.

Manimahesh Lake is situated on Mount Kailash, and every year, many Hindu pilgrims visit this Yatra. During Manimahesh Yatra, many people reach across the country and dip in Manimahesh Lake.

Most pilgrims reach here from Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. This year Manimahesh Yatra 2023 will start on 6th September 2023, and the Yatra will continue till 23rd September 2023. The administration of Manimahesh Yatra 2023 is claiming that preparation work has already started.

Manimahesh Yatra 2023 Date

Manimahesh Yatra 2023 date is from 06.09.2023 to 23.09.2023.
Manimahesh Yatra 2023 date is from 06.09.2023 to 23.09.2023.

Manimahesh Yatra’s date varies yearly because it’s decided according to the Hindu calendar. Most of the year, it starts in August and ends in the first week of September, but this year it starts in the first week of September and will end in the last week of September. The Manimahesh Yatra 2023 will start from the Janmashtami festival on 6th September 2023 and will continue till Radhashtami on 23rd September 2023.

Manimahesh Yatra 2023 Registration Date

The number of pilgrims is increasing every year in Manimahesh Yatra, so the government has started the registration process. Through the registration process, they can track how many pilgrims are visiting every day, and they can make arrangements accordingly.

For the safety and security of the pilgrims in Manimahesh Yatra 2023, registration was made compulsory by Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. Last year also, registration was made compulsory. The registration process is very simple, and you need to submit any official government id like Idhar Card, Voter Card or Driving license.

Manimahesh Yatra 2023/Trek

Manimahesh Trek is one of the most beautiful and difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh. Manimahesh Trek, you can do any time every year, but Manimahesh Yatra starts every year during August / September, corresponding to the month of Bhadon according to the Hindu calendar, on the eighth day of the New Moon period. It is known as the ‘Manimahesh Yatra’. Manimahesh Yatra or Manimahesh Trek is very difficult, so if you are not physically fit, do not try to go there.

Manimahesh Yatra 2023/Trek Distance

The total distance of Manimahesh Yatra 2023/Trek is 14 km.
The total distance of Manimahesh Yatra 2023/Trek is 14 km.

The total Manimahesh Yatra 2023/Trek Distance is 14 km. The first 7 km of the Yatra/trek is moderately difficult, but the last 7 km of the trek is very difficult. The weather is pleasant, which is very helpful during the yatra/trek to Manimahesh Lake. If you are not comfortable walking on foot, then you can hire a horse ride to reach holy Manimahesh Lake.

The nearest railway station is Pathankot Cantt which is connected to all parts of India. From Pathankot Cantt railway station, you can take the bus to Bharmor, which is 165 Km away and takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Bharmore. The road condition is good, and you will get a fantastic view of the valley.

After reaching Bharmore, take a bus or shared taxi to Hudsar. The road is very narrow, so mostly shared taxi is readily available. From Bharmor to Husdar distance is 14 km, and it takes around 45 min to 1 hour to travel. After reaching Hudsar, Manimahesh Yatra/Trek starts. From Hudsar to Manimahesh total distance is 14 km.

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