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Patna Hanuman Mandir Daily Income, Timing, Laddu Name and Naivedyam

The Patna Hanuman Mandir is one of the most popular and pious spots in Patna. The unique thing about this Mandir is that it is trendy and often regarded as the ultimate go-to spot for devotees.

Patna Hanuman Mandir daily income has crossed 10 lakh rupees per day.
Patna Hanuman Mandir daily income has crossed 10 lakh rupees per day.

They are also known to serve a Naivedyam laddu which is world famous! The Mandir is located right at Fraser Road and is quite popular for the aura it offers. There are arrangements like Rudra Abhishek, Hanuman name chanting, Valmiki Ramayana, and other activities. But did you know that the daily Income of Patna Hanuman Mandir is so much more than you expected? 

Patna Hanuman Mandir Timings

Are you planning to visit the Patna Hanuman Mandir? It would help if you had some ideas about the timings, else you would have to return without a darshan. The temple opens at 5:00 AM sharp, and the morning Arti also starts at 5:00 AM. Followed by this, there is a Bhog Arti, and this is at 11:00 AM. Each day the afternoon Arti starts at 4:00 PM, and usually, there are a lot of devotees who accumulate. The afternoon Arti is a treat to watch; hence, you have to visit a bit early to get the visuals. 

Followed by this is the evening Arti, usually from 7:00 PM. A group of priests meet together and chant the holy mantras in praise of Lord Hanuman. The Arti is mesmerizing, and you will feel a gush of positivity after its offer. Finally, the Shayan Arti takes place from 11:00 PM, and this is to put Lord Hanuman to sleep. 

The Mandir also arranges for a Daridranarayam Bhoj, and this is like a feast for all. This initiative is taken up by the Mandir for the masses, starting every day after 2:00 PM. There could be some queues, so it is best to reach early. 

Patna Hanuman Mandir Daily Income

The Patna Hanuman Mandir, as we have discussed, is one of the most popular Mandir in Patna, and hence, every day, thousands of patrons visit the same. Patna Hanuman Mandir daily income has crossed 10 lakh rupees per day. The monthly income of Patna Hanuman Mandir is around 30 crores. The yearly income of Patna Hanuman Mandir is around 350 crores which makes it the richest temple in North India. With the yearly income of Patna Hanuman Mandir 350 crores, it has become one of the richest temples in India.

Patna Hanuman Mandir Sources of Income

The main source of income of Patna Hanuman Mandir is from donation boxes, sales of Naivedyam, flowers and other puja items, donations and bank interest. Patna Hanuman Mandir has a huge amount in the bank, which earns lakhs of rupees as bank interest every year. However, the Mandir also has a lot of expenditures like the blog service for the masses, maintenance and upkeep of the Mandir, salary of the priests and Daan, and giving away alms to the needy. 

Patna Hanuman Mandir Famous Naivedyam Laddu

Patna Hanuman Mandir Laddu name is Naivedyam Laddu.
Patna Hanuman Mandir Laddu name is Naivedyam Laddu.

Every Mandir is known to have a specific Prasad, which is exceptionally popular with them and makes them different from the rest. For the famous Patna Hanuman Mandir, the Naivedyam Laddu is a delicacy that deserves special mention. The Laddu was started as a Prasad in 1939; since then, it has been the most popular item to be served. The Laddu gets inspiration from the Tirupati Laddu, and devotees say it is like Amrit! 

Such is the popularity that the sweet shops near the Mandir also sell the Naivedyam Laddu. It is extremely in demand and sells at a whopping Rs. 500 per kg. It would be challenging for us to help you understand the taste unless you try it. The ones who make the Laddu inside the Mandir premises have been making it for decades, and some have made it for generations. The prominent flavour of the Laddu comes with pure ghee, and in that elements like boondi, dry fruits, and cardamom are added to enhance the flavour. People say getting the Laddu from the mandir premises is a matter of luck!

The Hanuman Mandir in Patna is extremely popular, and this is not just for the Prasad it serves. If you want to see the aura of Lord Hanuman and experience aesthetics, this is the perfect place for you. 

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