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10 Reasons To Study Law Courses At FIMT School Of Law

If you want to have a career in law, like becoming a lawyer, judge, or legal advisor, you need to be ready to work very hard and not have a fixed work schedule. Check out the reasons for studying law courses at FIMT School of Law.

FIMT School Of Law

Studying law offers numerous benefits beyond becoming a lawyer. It provides a strong foundation in understanding the legal system, crucial for careers in business, politics, and public service. Law courses develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are highly valued in many professions. Law graduates can pursue various careers, including corporate lawyers, judges, legal advisors, and roles in compliance, human resources, and consulting.

Additionally, a law degree promotes a sense of justice and ethical responsibility, leading to meaningful societal contributions. Legal professionals enjoy financial stability and diverse, secure job opportunities due to the steady demand for legal expertise. The knowledge of legal principles and the ability to navigate complex regulations make them valuable assets in many industries.

List of Law Courses Offered By FIMT School Of Law

  1. BA.LL.B Integrated
  2. BBA-LLB Integrated
  3. Master Of Law (LLM)

Law Courses From FIMT School Of Law

FIMT School of law is one of the best law colleges in Delhi NCR which offered two undergraduate courses and one master degree course in law. The college has primary objective is to develop legal professionals who are well-versed in both substantive and procedural laws and who possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills. At FIMT School of Law, you’ll get more than just classes. College offers exciting experiences like moot courts, personality development programs, and student-led clubs. Plus, we provide amazing placement opportunities that you might never have imagined. It’s a learning adventure that can make your dreams come true.

FIMT School of Law program emphasizes precise legal education to teach essential advocacy skills for courtroom litigation, alternative conflict resolution, and consultancy services. Law aspirants aiming for careers in emerging fields like Artificial Intelligence & Law, Entertainment Law, Advanced Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law & Governance, and Privacy Law will find our curriculum highly supportive and inspiring.

Top Reasons to Study Law Courses at FIMT School of Law

1. Air Condition Moot Court Hall

An Air Conditioned Moot Court Hall in college provides real-world courtroom experiences. It provides students with a comfortable environment for practicing advocacy skills, enhances their learning experience, and prepares them effectively for legal careers by offering a professional setting for moot court competitions and practice sessions.

2. International Student Exchange Program

The International Student Exchange Program for law students at FIMT School of Law provides invaluable opportunities to gain diverse legal perspectives, enhance cultural competence, understand international law, network globally, and develop essential adaptability and communication skills for navigating the interconnected legal world.

3. Legal Aid Campus

A Legal Aid Campus is vital for law students as it provides hands-on experience in serving underprivileged communities, fostering empathy, and honing practical legal skills. It offers opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge to real cases, promoting social justice awareness and professional development.

4. Regular Court Visit

Regular court visits provided by FIMT School of law with firsthand exposure to legal proceedings, enhancing their understanding of courtroom procedures, advocacy techniques, and the application of law. It offers practical insights into legal practice, cultivates critical thinking skills, and reinforces classroom learning with real-world examples.

5. Moot Court Exercises

Moot court exercises are crucial for law students as they simulate real courtroom experiences, allowing students to practice advocacy, argumentation, and legal research skills. It builds confidence, enhances public speaking abilities, and prepares students for legal practice by providing practical experience in presenting cases and engaging in legal debates.

6. World Class Infrastructure

FIMT School of Law’s class infrastructure provides a sports complex, canteen, lush green gardens, PG hostel facility, computer labs, moot courts, photo studio, parking lot, auditorium, etc., to give students a perfect atmosphere to learn and enjoy.

7. Participation in Lok Adalats and Seminars

College focuses on Participation in Lok Adalats and seminars because it is essential for law students as it offers practical insights into alternative dispute resolution methods and contemporary legal issues. It fosters understanding of social justice mechanisms, cultivates advocacy skills, and provides networking opportunities critical for professional development in the legal field.

8. Guest lectures by Eminent Jurists and Policy Makers

Guest lectures by eminent jurists and policymakers are invaluable for law students as they provide firsthand insights into legal theory, practice, and policy-making processes. They offer opportunities to learn from industry experts, gain practical knowledge, and expand professional networks, enhancing students’ understanding and preparedness for careers in law.

9. Case Law Discussions and Seminars

Colleges offering case law discussions and seminars enrich law students’ education by delving deep into legal precedents and contemporary issues. These sessions promote critical analysis, foster debate, and enhance understanding of judicial reasoning, preparing students for effective legal practice through hands-on engagement with real-world legal complexities and challenges.

10. Extensive Library with Manupatra

Colleges providing extensive libraries with Manupatra offer law students invaluable legal research and study resources. Access to Manupatra’s comprehensive database enhances learning by providing access to case law, statutes, and legal commentary, empowering students to conduct thorough research and deepen their understanding of legal principles and precedents.

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