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Top 4 Longest Flyovers in Bihar Length and Cost

Let’s talk about the longest flyovers in Bihar. It is essential to mention that they are pretty popular, and the upcoming ones will be more sturdy and technologically well-oriented.

Longest Flyovers in Bihar

Bihar as a state has seen a lot of progress, specifically in the last few years. You might be mistaken if you think that Bihar is still about all the violence and no growth at all. One critical sector we need to discuss is the top 4 longest flyovers in Bihar. These are built on recent updates and hence a little bit more costly. These are a testimony of improvement indeed! When it comes to the longest flyovers in Bihar, the four options that we are going to talk about are:

List 4 Longest Flyovers in Bihar

1.Danapur Bihta Flyover – 21 km

Danapur Bihta Flyover is the longest flyovers in Bihar under construction.
Danapur Bihta Flyover is the longest flyovers in Bihar under construction.

The first flyover that we are going to talk about is the Danapur Bihta flyover. There is an anticipation that once that flyover is built, it will stretch for a minimum of 21 km which is quite a distance. Also, the flyover will have a tunnel entry that will stretch for around 600 metres.

Along with that, four ramps will be constructed in places like Danapur, Shivala Mor, Bihta airport link and finally, the Bihta – Sarmera Bypass. It is estimated that the cost of building this flyover is about Rs. 3000 crores, and hence it also awaits much discussion. There are reports that the construction of the flyover will start in a couple of months. 

2. Mithapur Mahuli Flyover – 9 km

The next flyover we will discuss is the Mithapur Mahuli Flyover. This stretches for around 8.8 km, and nearly 65% of the construction is completed. There is also anticipation that the flyover construction will be completed by the end of March 2024.

The anticipation says that once the stretch from Mithapur flyover to Ramgovind Singh Mahuli Railway opens, it will ease the traffic pressure on the city’s southern side. The flyover is being spent on an estimated Rs. 668 crore cost. Afcons Infrastructure Limited has taken up the onus of building the flyover. 

3. LokNayak Ganga Path Flyover – 14 km

LokNayak Ganga Path Flyover is currently longest flyovers in Bihar open for public.
LokNayak Ganga Path Flyover is currently the longest flyovers in Bihar open to the public.

Popularly known as the marine drive of Bihar, this spot is indeed a pretty well-known pathway in Bihar. The Loknayak Ganga Path Flyover is quite beautiful and resembles the roadways on the outskirts of foreign countries. The project is supposed to stretch for around 20 km from Digha to Patna Medical College.

The idea was inaugurated on the birth anniversary of Jayaprakash Narayan. The government has stipulated an expenditure of about Rs. 3831 crores on this flyover.

4. Digha AIIMS Flyover – 12 km

Digha AIIMS Flyover.
Digha AIIMS Flyover.

And finally, we have the Digha AIIMS Flyover in this list which is equally important and popular. The flyover originates from AIIMS, Patna, at NH139, stretching for about 12 km to the Digha JP Setu. This is how the flyover gets the name as well. The flyover was inaugurated in 2020, and since then, it has also been a highly commuted travel path.

This is mainly a respite for all people who travel from the north of Bihar to Patna because of the less commotion that the flyover causes. It is also an excellent option for all those patients who have to reach the AIIMS Hospital at the earliest. Gammon India Limited took up the flyover project, costing around Rs. 1,289 crore.

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