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Top 5 Best Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi With Nominal Fees

If your goal is to excel as a lawyer or pursue a career in public service within the legal realm, the top five Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi can provide the guidance needed to effortlessly ace competitive exams.

Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Students from all over the state of India visit Delhi for Judiciary Coaching because Delhi has one of the best coaching institutes in India for Judiciary Coaching. If you’re a student aiming to improve your legal career prospects with top-notch Judiciary Coaching institutes in Delhi, this article is just what you need. Below, you’ll find a list of the top 5 Judiciary Coaching Centers in Delhi to help you progress and achieve success in the field of law.

How To Choose a Perfect Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Choosing the perfect coaching institute is always the most difficult task for any student. We have shortlisted some points that will help you choose the perfect judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi.

  1. Their infrastructure is the first and most important thing before choosing a perfect judiciary coaching. Look for a coaching institute equipped with essentials like classrooms, libraries, and more. Opt for one with excellent infrastructure facilities to support your learning journey.
  2. Another thing to think about is how much the institute costs. When you’re picking one, be sure to compare the fees of different places. Pick an institute that provides good coaching at nominal fees.
  3. Be sure to look at the results of students who have been taught by the institute. This will help you understand how good the coaching at the institute really is.
  4. Another crucial aspect to consider is the institute’s faculty. Before you decide on an institute, make sure to review the qualifications and experience of the faculty members. Opt for an institute that boasts experienced and qualified faculty members.
  5. Make sure that the coaching institute is near your home so that you can save travel time and focus more on studying.

List of 5 Best Judiciary Coaching Institutes in Delhi With Nominal Fees

1. FIMT School Of Law

FIMT is one of the best judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi.
FIMT is one of the best judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi.

The FIMT School Of Law stands out as a top-choice Judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi. Renowned for its superb coaching and guidance, it has propelled many aspirants to top ranks in various competitive exams. With comprehensive study materials and practice tests, students prepare thoroughly. The experienced and knowledgeable faculty offer personalized attention, aided by excellent infrastructure. Reasonable fees and scholarships make it accessible, while online classes cater to students from afar. For those seeking outstanding coaching in Delhi for Judiciary exams, Knowledge Nation Law Centre emerges as an excellent option, promising quality education and success. FIMT School Of Law is one the best judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi with nominal fees.

The “Centre for Competitive Examinations” offers holistic coaching for Judiciary, CLAT, and UGC NET. Emphasizing affordability, it provides comprehensive courses led by dedicated educators. It equips FIMT students with tailored coaching for law exams, ensuring profound understanding of core subjects. Prioritizing thorough preparation at minimal fees, it empowers students to excel, fostering deep knowledge and guiding them to success in competitive exams. If you are searching for top judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi at nominal fees then FIMT is one of the best option to join.

Address: 1037, Kapas Hera Extension, Kapas Hera, New Delhi, Delhi, 110037

Contact Number: 9312352942, 9560596750, 9811568155

Email Id:


2. Vidhi Judicial Academy

Vidhi Judicial Academy, founded by Sh. Vijendra Kumar Verma, is a famous coaching institute in Delhi for judicial exams. Renowned for its top-notch preparation, it pioneers exam readiness and fosters students to excel. With a conducive learning environment, it offers both traditional and online courses nationwide. Utilizing modern pedagogy, the faculty ensures rapid comprehension, reflecting in stellar exam results. Endorsed by numerous students, its unique teaching methodology and rich resources drive greater success. Vidhi Judicial Academy remains a beacon of excellence, empowering aspirants to ace judicial tests with confidence and competence.

Address: 521 1st floor, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, 110009

Contact Number: 92059 88281

Email Id:


3. Ambition Law Institute

Ambition Law Institute is a top coaching center in Delhi for judiciary and PCS-J exams. People love it for its experienced teachers, detailed study materials, and tough practice tests. They teach everything you need to know for both judiciary and PCS-J exams very carefully. The teachers have been teaching for a long time and know the exams inside out, helping many students pass. The institute’s practice tests are super helpful. They help students understand the exams better and get used to the kinds of questions asked. Ambition Law Institute is like a guiding light, turning students into confident exam winners.

Address: B-10, Above Maharashtra Bank, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009

Contact Number: +91-8800660301

Email Id:


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4. Karat Lawz Academy

Karat Lawz Academy stands out as a prestigious judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi, with a longstanding reputation for excellence in legal education. Over the years, it has nurtured some of the country’s finest legal talents. The academy offers a comprehensive curriculum, emphasizing judicial and PCS-J exams. It prioritizes student welfare, fostering a supportive learning environment where interaction and shared experiences are encouraged. This inclusive approach creates a vibrant atmosphere conducive to student success.

Address: 3rd Floor, Patel Hospital Building, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro station Gate, Street Number 4, Delhi, 110092

Contact Number: 89295 14009

Email Id:


5. Pahuja Law Academy

Pahuja Law Academy started in 2016 by Kapil Pahuja is a big place in Delhi for preparing for legal exams. They have courses for Judiciary, CLAT, LLB, and APO/APP in English and Hindi. Along with getting ready for exams, they help with growing your personality, thinking skills, and practical knowledge. They’ve been giving good results consistently and now offer online classes too. The teachers are experts in different parts of law like judiciary, criminal, civil, commercial, and constitutional law. They even give free trial classes, tests, and daily homework. They have good classrooms with projectors and helpful study materials, making them a top choice for judiciary coaching institutes in Delhi.

Address: Virat Bhawan, 212, D-1, 2nd Floor, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009

Contact Number: 98215 93226

Email Id:


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