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Zakirism is truly back with Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 2: Review

Chacha Vidhayak Hain hamare 2 review: Zakir Khan, Kumar Varun

The Ganga Times, Entertainment News: Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare’s 2nd season has finally released on Amazon Prime and the wait for Ronny Bhaiya’s new avatar as vidhayak ka bhatija is over. Ronny’s chacha is truly a vidhayak now. In the three episodes of Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2, everybody including Zakir Khan looks fantastic and relates to small-town Indian youngsters.

Sakht Launda Pighal Gaya

The ambit of Ronny’s political career has grown, although he has to pay heavy price for it. Amidst a flourishing political career Ronny has lost his Sakht Launda image after getting caught up in a love triangle. He is also jealous of a potential political competitor, making his life a little more difficult.

Let’s talk about Acting – Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 2

There is no doubt in the fact that Zakir Khan is an impressive desi boys. Like the first season, he has been fantastic as a small-town cool dude. That is what keeps the audience intact throughout the show. Zakir Khan has really improved as an actor. His friends, Anwar and Kranti, played by Vyom Sharma and Kumar Varun, have short but deep impact on Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 2. However, what Zakir needs to understand is that there are differences between being a stage comedian and acting on-screen.

What I am sure is that you will enjoy the show, despite some hiccups in between because Zakirism is truly back with Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 2.

अगर आपके पास भी कोई कहानियां या ब्लॉग है तो हमें भेज सकते हैं। हम उसे ‘गंगा टाइम्स’ पर प्रकाशित करेंगे।

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