Friday, May 24

Bihar Dengue Cases Cross 6500, Worst Since 2017

Bihar Dengue Cases may be going through its worst dengue outbreak since 2017, with over 6,500 infections and 15 deaths so far this year.

Bihar Dengue Cases

Bihar Dengue Cases are still a big problem in Bihar. More than 6,500 people in the state have gotten sick with dengue. In just the last day, there have been 406 new cases. The capital city, Patna, had 184 new cases on a single Friday. Other places like Bhagalpur had 38 cases, Begusarai had 19, Muzaffarpur had 21, and Munger had 28 new cases. Right now, doctors are treating 354 patients in the state’s 12 medical college hospitals. This year has been especially bad, with a total of 6,500 people getting dengue. And out of all those cases, a whopping 5,940 happened in just September alone. It’s really important to stay safe and take precautions against dengue.

Bihar Dengue Cases: Bhagalpur Hospital Has Maximum Number of Dengue Patient

Dengue is spreading rapidly in Bhagalpur, with a concerning increase of 60 new cases detected in the past 24 hours. Even small children are falling ill, including a one-and-a-half-year-old from Gopalpur and a three-year-old from Khanjarpur, both of whom are now hospitalized. Among the newly identified cases, 38 patients have been admitted to JLNMCH, while 15 are receiving treatment at Sadar Hospital. This surge in cases has pushed the total number of patients in the district to over 725. The situation calls for heightened awareness and preventive measures to combat the dengue outbreak in the area.

Number of Deaths Due to Bihar Dengue Cases

According to the reports till now, 15 deaths in Bihar from Dengue virus in 2023. All the deaths are recorded in only September month of 2023.

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