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Opium Farming in Afghanistan Drops by 95%: UN Reports

Opium production in Afghanistan dropped by 95% due to the Taliban’s ban. This is affecting farmers and the nation’s economy, impacting their livelihoods.

Opium Farming in Afghanistan
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The United Nations has some big news about opium farming in Afghanistan. In the last year, the amount of opium being grown and made into drugs here has gone down a lot – by a massive 95%. This is according to a report from Khaama Press, a trusted news source.

The report tells us that opium farming went from covering an area about as big as 23,300 football fields to only 10,800 football fields. That’s a big drop. The reason for this big change is the ban on opium farming and making drugs, which the Taliban government put in place in 2022.

Now, why is this such a big deal? Well, in Afghanistan, lots of people depend on farming for their money, and for many of them, opium farming was a big part of their income. But with the ban, they can’t do it anymore, and that’s making life tough for these farmers.

This big reduction in opium farming will also have a bad impact on the country’s economy. You see, many folks in Afghanistan used to need help from others to get by, and now it might be even harder for them. The country used to be the largest seller of illegal opium in the world, and now that’s changing.

The report also tells us that in one place called Helmand, opium farming went down a lot – by about 80%. But in some mountain areas like Badakhshan, it went up this year. So, it seems like things are shifting around.

It’s important to know that the Taliban, the folks who are in charge of Afghanistan, put this ban in place to try to get other countries to see them as a legitimate government. But this is causing big changes for the farmers and for the country. People around the world are keeping an eye on what’s happening here, and it’s a big deal for everyone.

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