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Rahul Gandhi Accuses PM Modi of Neglecting Manipur Amidst Ongoing Violence

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi of neglecting Manipur’s violence crisis, criticizes his laughter in Parliament while state suffers. Urges immediate action to restore peace.

The Challenges and Opportunities Ahead for Rahul Gandhi

In a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged on Friday that the PM’s inaction is allowing the state of Manipur to burn amidst escalating violence. Speaking at a press conference held at the All India Congress Committee (AICC) headquarters, Gandhi criticized Modi for not utilizing the instruments under his control to contain the ongoing turmoil in Manipur.

Gandhi’s remarks were a response to the Prime Minister’s behavior in Parliament during the past months, where he reportedly laughed and cracked jokes despite the troubling situation in Manipur. He stated, “Women and children are dying over there, people are being murdered, women are being molested, raped, and the Prime Minister of India is shamelessly laughing in the middle of the Parliament. This is not about Rahul Gandhi, this is not about the Congress party, this is about India.”

The Congress leader further reiterated his point that the Indian Army has the capability to restore peace in Manipur, but accused the Modi government of not deploying them effectively. “It will take the Indian Army two days to put an end to the nonsense that is going on in Manipur. The Prime Minister refuses to stop the fight. He wants Manipur to burn, he allows Manipur to burn,” Gandhi asserted.

He recounted an alarming incident during his recent visit to Manipur where he was informed that taking a security officer from one community to an area dominated by another community could lead to violence. Gandhi expressed his shock at the lack of dialogue and the prevalence of pure violence in Manipur.

“The first step is to stop the violence, put an end to it. I point out the Army, but, what I mean is that the Prime Minister has multiple instruments in his hands. He is not using them, and the state has been burning for four months while he is doing nothing and laughing,” Gandhi emphasized.

Moreover, Gandhi criticized Modi’s focus on political matters rather than addressing the pressing issues at hand. He argued that when an individual becomes the Prime Minister, they should transform into the representative of the people’s voice, transcending party politics. He urged Modi to uphold this responsibility and not undermine the position with trivial remarks and a lack of action.

Gandhi’s allegations came a day after Modi’s government faced a no-confidence motion in Parliament, which was subsequently rejected by a voice vote. The ongoing violence in Manipur has raised concerns about the government’s response to the situation, and Gandhi’s remarks have intensified the spotlight on this issue.

As the situation in Manipur continues to deteriorate, pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Modi to take effective action to quell the violence and restore peace to the state. The accusations by Rahul Gandhi highlight the urgent need for the government to prioritize the safety and well-being of the citizens in Manipur.

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